Solar Innovations, Inc. offers various window models, both operable and fixed. For more information, please click on the pictures below.

Folding WindowsStacking WindowsSliding Windows
Folding windows consist of individual window panes, which slide along a track and then fold accordion style against a wall. When the windows are closed, an unobstructed view is presented. Suitable for commercial and residential applicationsStacking windows consist of individual window panes which slide along a track and stack to a remote location. The panels can make turns and be pocketed into walls. This type of window is primarily used in commercial applications but is suitable for residential applications as well.A sliding window consists of individual window panes which slide along a track and stack at the end of the track. The panels slide left, right, or both directions based on design. This type of window is primarily used in residential applications but is suitable for commercial use.
Casement WindowsAwning WindowsHopper Windows
Casement windows open like a book. These windows hinge vertically either left or right and are available in in-swing or out-swing configurations. Easy clean hinges are available, which allow space for your hand to fit on the window’s exterior creating easy access for cleaning. Suitable for commercial and residential projects.Awning windows hinge at the top and push out from the bottom. A limiter prevents the window from wind damage. Typically used on sunrooms, pool enclosures, and greenhouses; but they can be used on a residential home or commercial application.Hopper windows hinge at the bottom and pull in at the top. When in the open position, the window acts like a security device. Fresh air is allowed into the room, but an intruder cannot climb up the window and enter the room. Suitable for commercial and residential solutions.
Tilt Slide WindowsLift Slide Windows
Tilt Turn windows started in Europe and are quickly becoming popular in the United States. These windows are dual action. Each window opens like a casement and then tilts in at the top, all with one handle. The tilt in position is a security device. Fresh air is allowed into the room, but an intruder cannot enter the window and then enter the room.Tilt slide windows are almost identical to tilt turn. They still open like a casement and tilt in at the top. The difference is that the panels then slide on a track left or right. The tilt in position is still a security device. Fresh air is allowed into the room, but an intruder cannot enter the room.Lift slide windows are similar to a sliding glass window. The difference is that the panels slightly lift above the track by way of the handle. This system can be used for commercial and residential applications.
Garden WindowsHung WindowsWood Interiors
Solar Innovations, Inc. also offers glazed Garden Windows, or greenhouse windows, which can be used to replace a standard flat window in a gardener’s in-home haven. Garden windows project outward from the structure to create a shelf or set of shelves, commonly used to house plants, including flowers and herbs.A hung window consists of movable sashes which hold glass in place. In the United States, the sashes are known as panels, and the most common type of hung window is a double hung window. The window consists of two vertically sliding panels panels. As one panel is pushed upward, it stays in place and does not fall down as one would expect with gravity.Solar Innovations, Inc. offers several product designs in a beautiful custom wood system. A wooden interior works well for any application of a sunroom, conservatory, or skylight. Structures that have high moisture, such as greenhouses and pool enclosures, are not recommended for wooden interiors, because they can warp and rot over time.
Argon vs Krypton
 Butt joint glazed windows are a true architectural feature available from Solar Innovations, Inc. This unique glazing option creates a frameless corner window consisting of two pieces of glass joined together at a 90 degree angle without any metal framing attached to the corner.  The end result is a modern architectural window which retains a contemporary appeal.  Because there is no corner framing, the window provides unobstructed views. Pivot windows are beneficial when space is limited. Window configurations, like a casement, open the entire length of the pane to the outside;  for example, a 3’0” wide casement window, will open outwards 3’0.”  A  pivot window, on the other hand, projects to the exterior and interior of a room, but requires less space in one direction.

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