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Decorative Elements

Solar Innovations, Inc. is a manufacturer of the highest quality greenhouses, providing custom structures to fit individual customer’s needs. Our greenhouses are built to last a lifetime, and designed as turn-key projects. Solar’s greenhouses are investments that allow customers to take their gardening to the next level. No matter your gardening skill level, what you grow, or how much you grow, Solar Innovations, Inc. can create a greenhouse that will fit your needs.

Glazing Selections

Solar Innovations, Inc. greenhouses‘ frame work is constructed using Aluminum, which will not rust, rot, or require constant maintenance. Glazing in greenhouses can consist of glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate. Polycarbonate tends to be a less expensive option; glass, while more expensive, is generally more aesthetically pleasing and tends to promote better plant growth in greenhouses.

The style of greenhouses range from clean lined contemporary designs to classic Victorian styling, and each of these designs can be customized to fit any application. Both the backyard gardener and professional research horticulturists can find the right greenhouse configuration with Solar Innovations, Inc.; greenhouses can be completely customized to meet any size, shape, or color requirement.

Advantages of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s Greenhouses

  • Greenhouses that are completely manufactured in the United States of America. Solar Innovations, Inc’s products are manufactured in the U.S.A. at our facility in Pennsylvania, which customers are welcome to tour. Meet the estimator, project manager, and sales representative assigned to your project and tour our functioning greenhouses.
  • In-house professionals. Solar Innovations, Inc. has a team of in-house architects and engineers on staff. Greenhouses are engineered to allow high DP ratings and ensure their ability to withstand extreme circumstances. Solar Innovations, Inc. also provides greenhouse designers that will aid in the creation of your dream greenhouse.
  •  All greenhouses are custom manufactured. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s structures are not stored on shelves, waiting to be sold. All greenhouses are built to a customer’s exact specifications. Every aspect of a project can be customized, such as sizes, windows, doors, finishes, hardware, and configurations. Please contact your Solar Innovations, Inc. representative for additional information and guidance on purchasing greenhouses for your home or commercial location or click on the link below for additional information.

Specialty Greenhouses

Information on Specialty Greenhouses

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers a full line of specialty greenhouses designed for specific plants or purposes. Each configuration can be customized to fit your specific needs. A Solar Innovations, Inc. greenhouse expert will work with you to make sure your specialty greenhouse is suited for the environment you wish to create.

Integrated PV Greenhouse

Greenhouses with Integrated Energy Systems

Solar Innovations, Inc., an industry leader in greenhouses and alternative energy solutions has recently begun integrating these two product lines to provide a single source solution. By the integration of solar panels into custom greenhousesand other glazed structures, Solar has provided customers with an aesthetically pleasing method for generating “green energy.”

The integration of PV solar panels can be accomplished through multiple methods by using standard solar panels or solar insulated glass units. These panels can be glazed into most greenhouses by encapsulating the solar panel or glass unit, creating a waterproof solution. Click here to learn more about Integrated Energy Systems in Greenhouses.

Bonsai Greenhouses

Bonsai Greenhouses

Bonsai can be raised and stored in specialty greenhouses when allotted windowsill space has been depleted. The addition of a small greenhouse to contain a gardener’s bonsai collection will allow ample space to expand a bonsai collection, and to plant, trim, and prune the the trees.

Bonsai greenhouses come in many forms, they can be freestanding units, lean-to systems that are attached to a home, or even greenhouse windows that can act as an extension of the windowsill.

Orchid Greenhouses

Orchid Greenhouses

Orhids can be one of the most challenging flowering plants to care for, even when experienced gardeners are involved. Solar Innovations, Inc. designs greenhouses that meet the specific needs of orchids. These species specific greenhouses can incorporate greenhouse accessories such as shading, heating, cooling, watering, and nutrient control systems specifically designed to fulfill the needs of orchids.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s experienced horticulture design team partners with our customers to design the entire growing environment, rather than only providing structure design assistance as many of our competitors do.

Palm Greenhouses

Palm Greenhouses

Solar Innovations, Inc. provides customized greenhouses that are tailored to gardeners with an interest in cultivating palms. Many gardeners keep palms in their home, but for those that wish to take passion to the next level, Solar can customize a greenhouse to meet the exact needs of palms.

Two story greenhouses are available for those that wish to grow exceptionally tall palms and can easily accommodate trees up to 20 feet in height. When placed in the greenhouse palms can be grown in pots, on benches, or be planted directly into soil.

Citrus Greenhouses

Citrus Greenhouses

Citrus greenhouses are often refereed to as orangeries because the structures are used to aid in the propagation oranges, lemons, limes, and other citrus fruit. These greenhouses provide a protected location and create an artificial tropical growing environment that is required to grow citrus fruit in cooler climates.

Solar Innovations, Inc. custom designs our structures to meet the needs of your trees. Larger trees can be grown directly in the earth, while greenhouse benches can be added to support younger and smaller plants. Humidifiers can also be provided to mimic the balmy tropical environment that citrus trees favor.

Propagation Greenhouses

Propagation Greenhouses

Propagation greenhouses provide adequate space for gardeners to start seeds and propagate their plants. These structures are typically small in scale, providing enough space for gardeners to start seeds and cuttings. Propagation greenhouses are typically outfitted with greenhouse benches to hold seed trays that allow plants to mature. The addition of seed trays and grow lights will also help young plants develop.

Butterfly Greenhouses

Butterfly Greenhouses

Any of Solar’s glass structures can be converted into a butterfly greenhouse. Whether the butterfly greenhouse is for residential use or is being constructed to be used as a public exhibit, Solar’s greenhouse experts will design an environment that allows the insects to prosper. Solar Innovations, Inc. designs butterfly greenhouses based on the micro-climate requirements for specific butterfly species and their host plants, to mimic their natural habitat as closely as possible.

Click here to compare Solar Innovations, Inc.’s American manufactured to greenhouses to their English competitors.

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