Living and Working Green

Core Value #1 – Live and Work Green

Solar Innovations, Inc.  is committed to living and working “Green.”  Although every company’s efforts can continually be improved, Solar Innovations, Inc. is proud to support our company wide and team members’ home efforts to be more Green.

Solar Innovations, Inc. was granted official LEED Gold Certification on February 23rd, by the USGBC for its new, state-of-the-art, 200,000 sq. ft. facility located in the Pine Grove Industrial Park, Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. After months of hard work and dedication, the Solar Innovations LEED team was granted 62 points towards the LEED Certification allowing it to receive the gold status.

2011 LEED Gold Certification
Recycling at Solar Innovations, Inc.
Recycling Bins at Solar Innovations, Inc.

Solar Innovations, Inc. is…

  • Encouraging all team members to car pool to our facility.
  • Recycling all items including aluminum shavings, glass, paper, plastic, cardboard, office paper, silicone tubes, cardboard packaging, and more.
  • Reusing all packing materials including boxes, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, air pockets, etc.
  • Purchasing used items like computers, office furniture, and vehicles.
  • Using rechargeable batteries in cameras, computer mice, and other computer accessories.
  • Using digital cameras to minimize the environmental effects of job site photography (such as developing chemicals and unnecessary printing of photos, instead all photos can be directly stored in files in the computer system).
  • Using electronic project and quote files when working with customers to cut down on the use of paper.
  • Selling orphaned Solar Innovations® structures and unwanted items through the company website and eBay to keep them from being recycled or put into a landfill.
  • Providing team members with Green tips in our newsletter which can be easily implemented to daily life.
  • Cognizant of vehicle technology changes and completes routine maintenance to incorporate those changes into our company’s delivery and installation trucks.
  • Evaluating all suppliers and their products to ensure they are making a conscious effort to serve the environment before working with them.
  • Saving spent coffee grounds for use in gardening.
  • Using company dishware rather than paper or plastic goods.
  • Posting and referencing electronic material rather than providing paper copies of items to team members
  • Enjoying natural lighting in many portions of the office building to minimize the use of overall electricity.
Green Efforts - Composting
High Occupancy Vehicle Parking
High Energy Greenhouse with Hydronic Heating System

Solar Innovations, Inc. Product Line also provides many environmentally conscious options to customers and can aid their success in building a Green facility.  A list of environmentally friendly features is provided for review.  If any questions arise regarding product efficiency, please contact your Solar Innovations, Inc. Representative by calling 800-618-0669.

Solar Innovations, Inc. Products…

  • Can be located in correct placement and orientation with relation to the home to achieve heat gain if desired by our customer.Solar Innovations Green Components
  • Provide passive solar energy gains through their use of glazing.
  • Provide high performance glazing options including 272, 240, and 366 Low-E glass choices, as well as thermally-efficient polycarbonate options up to 60mm in depth.
  • Contains thermal enhancement or a thermal break, depending on product selection, which improves overall thermal rating and performance for heat loss/heat gain.
  • Extrusions contain 23% post consumer recycled content and 41% of per-consumer recycled content
  • Combine shipments, pick-ups, and service work whenever possible to cut down on fossil fuel usage transporting our products and our team members.
  • Continually develop with changing technology to ensure that environmental concerns are being addressed.

For more information on testing and certification levels please visit our testing page.

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